Religious Education / Educacion Religiosa

34-43 93rd Street

Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Phone: (718) 639-6159

Sister Lizbeth Pimentel Maya, PCM - Coordinator

Mrs. Wilma Loayza - REP Administrator

Sister Lucy Yaneth Mendez Castro, PCM - RCIA Coordinator



The Third Practice will be on:

DATE:   Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 

TIME:   9:45am to 12:00 noon

PLACE:  Church

Assistance will be taken. All children must attend.



La Terceraa Práctica será:

FECHA:   Sábado 3 de Marzo del 2012

HORA:    9:45am a 12:oo del medio dia

LUGAR:   Iglesia

Se tomará asistencia. Todos los niños deben asistir.


Why is confirmation important to me?

Confirmation is important to me in many ways.
The following three ways are the most important to me.

First, is that I want to be closer to God and more involved in the Church. Right now I do not think that my relationship with God and the Church is as strong as it could be. With my confirmation I hope to make it stronger.

Second, I would like to set a good example to my friends who have not received their confirmation. I believe that all good Catholics should be confirmed.

Last, and most important to me, would be to help set a good example to my little sister and younger cousins. Most of them look up to me so I hope to do right, so that they can too.


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