Blessed Sacrament Church located in Jackson Heights, New York is within the Diocese of Brooklyn, which is under the direction of the Most Reverend Bishop Nicholas Di Marzio. Our Pastor is Rev. Carlos R. Quijano SJ.  Blessed Sacrament encompasses a diverse community and we invite YOU to join our parish family!  Feeling welcomed and connected to the community is a very important step in helping each person to commit to loving and serving others using the unique talents God has given each of us to build up the Church.   The opportunities to live the Faith and grow as a follower or Christ at Blessed Sacrament are many and varied.  We sincerely hope that the information you find in this web site is helpful to you.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the parish office (718) 639-3888Thank you very much for visiting and God Bless you.


If you are not officially registered in our parish, we invite you to do so by visiting the Rectory Office. Those not officially registered are anonymous and, therefore, should they need letters of reference, e.g. to act as baptismal or confirmation sponsors, job applications, or for civil matters such as Immigration, Department of Social Services, etc. we would be unable to honestly state that they are known to us. Also, registered parishioners should receive and use the WEEKLY CHURCH OFFERING ENVELOPES.

ARE YOU PLANNING TO BAPTIZE YOUR CHILD? To baptize your children in Blessed Sacrament Church, parents must be members of our parish. Parishioners are those who live within the territorial boundaries of our parish or those who have officially registered as active parishioners although they live outside our district. To arrange for baptism the parents must visit the Rectory Office and present both the child's birth certificate and a proof of residence within the parish (telephone, gas, electric bill, driver's license, etc.) or, if they live outside our boundaries, their offertory envelope number.
MASS BOOK - 2015


The ANNOUNCED Mass Book is open. Those wishing to schedule Masses for 2015 are invited to make arrangements at the Rectory Office during Office Hours.

EL LIBRO DE MISAS ANUNCIADAS del ano 2015 esta abierto. Invitamos a todos aquellos que deseen reservar Misas para el proximo ano por favor pasen por la Oficina Parroquial en horas de oficina.


The Young at Heart of Blessed Sacrament Parish has begun its new season. Join us each week on Thursday in the Convent from 1:00PM to 4:00PM for refreshments, games, activities and fellowship.



"The Year for Consecrated Life concerns not only consecrated persons, but the entire Church. Consequently, I ask the whole Christian people to be increasingly aware of the gift which is the presence of our many consecrated men and women, heirs of the great saints who have written the history of Christianity. What would the Church be without Saint Benedict and Saint Basil, without Saint Augustine and Saint Bernard, without Saint Francis and Saint Dominic, Saint Ignatius of Loyola and Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Angelica Merici and Saint Vincent de Paul. The list could go on and on, up to Saint John Bosco and Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. As Blessed Paul VI pointed out: <Without this concrete sign there would be a danger that the charity which animates the entire Church would grow cold, that the salvific paradox of the Gospel would be blunted, and that the “salt” of faith would lose its savor in a world undergoing secularization>" - Pope Francis

"El Año de la Vida Consagrada no sólo afecta a las personas consagradas, sino a toda la Iglesia. Me dirijo, pues, a todo el pueblo cristiano, para que tome conciencia cada vez más del don de tantos consagrados y consagradas, herederos de grandes santos que han fraguado la historia del cristianismo. ¿Qué sería la Iglesia sin san Benito y san Basilio, san Agustín y san Bernardo, san Francisco y santo Domingo, sin san Ignacio de Loyola y santa Teresa de Ávila, santa Ángela Merici y san Vicente de Paúl? La lista sería casi infinita, hasta san Juan Bosco, la beata Teresa de Calcuta. El beato Pablo VI decía: <Sin este signo concreto, la caridad que anima la Iglesia entera correría el riesgo de enfriarse, la paradoja salvífica del Evangelio de perder garra, la “sal” de la fe de disolverse en un mundo de secularización >" - Papa Francisco


La Asociación Altagraciana del Santísimo Sacramento todos los días durante el mes de octubre. para información por favor comuníquese con Leopoldo Tejada al (718) 426-3846



Every Christian has a biblical responsibility to help and support their church. If you are a registered parishioner and have not received your envelopes, please contact the Rectory Office IMMEDIATELY. It is important that you write your name and address and note if you have not received your monthly envelopes by mail. We thank you for your cooperation.

Todo cristiano tiene la responsabilidad Bíblica de mantener a su Iglesia. Si usted es un feligrés registrado y no ha recibido sus sobres, por favor use los sobres temporales blancos que están en la Iglesia. Es muy importante que ponga su nombre, direccion e indique que no ha recibido sus sobres mensuales. Le agradecemos por su colaboracion.


 El  Primer Sábado de cada mes se celebra la Misa en Honor al Divino Niño. La próxima Misa es el sábado 3 de Enero de 2015. Inicia a las 7:00PM con el Santo Rosario seguida de la Santa Misa a las 8:00PM.

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